Midnight Melancholy

My debut EP is called “Midnight Melancholy”. The reason why I titled my EP “Midnight Melancholy”, is because each song delivers a sad/dark/uplifting production with melancholic lyrics and melodies that you can listen to when gazing over the city lights. I experimented with genres like Dream Pop, Indie Pop, and Pop-Rock. My previous music (We Live Long, Missing, The Dark Side, Unbelievable) won’t be included on this EP. I’m going in a different direction and vibe on this project with brand new songs. My EP “Midnight Melancholy” will have 5 songs. I’m gonna release the entire EP with one song at a time. I want to give each song its own spotlight. After all the songs have been released, I will compile them into an EP. The first song I’m releasing is “Break The Broken”.  Now that I’ve posted all the details about my EP and future releases, I can finally welcome you to the “Midnight Melancholy” Era! Who’s ready to go on this journey with me?