When pain enters the life of a naturally creative person, sometimes the art forms that they produce may hold a rather appealing, different, and non-conforming design. Thinking outside of the box for new equations to ‘Pop-Rap,’ Cryptic Kairos will tell the stories that his older brother never got a chance to tell the world. The young Latino artist decided to pin his heart to music after losing his older brother to gun violence and considers his plight in music as carrying on the torch of his well respected older sibling, David, who was murdered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His new single, entitled ‘We Live Long,’ allows this new artist to ask questions that many of us ask when we’re going through our own painful situations. A melodic chorus, provided by singer-songwriter KC (Sisqó, EXO, Trina) and produced by De-Capo and Droyd (Iggy Azalea, T-Pain, Futuristic), Cryptic Kairos’s new single ‘We Live Long’ represents very well for those who experienced death and in return delivered massive inspiration. Cryptic Kairos’s desire for ‘We Live Long,’ is that his fans feel the mysterious-gloomy choice of production, combined with cryptic lyrics.

‘Before my brother David passed away, he never finished his music project. I consider myself picking up where my brother left off,’ stated Cryptic Kairos in a recent Q&A. ‘The new music that I’ll be releasing will be considered a tribute to my brother and an introduction of who Cryptic Kairos is.’

Bringing struggle to lyricism is where Cryptic Kairos’s quality sound will meet, with his quest to prove to the world his music industry resilience. His personal family history of poverty, growing up in Las Vegas, and neighborhood rivalries being Latino, allowed this young cool rap star to sweep some detailing, entertaining, and head-nodding music into recording booths and now out into the ears of listeners. With a strong passion for the art of music, as well as substantial loyalty for his slain older brother David, Cryptic Kairos will prove determination in his own unique lane of Pop-Rap.


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